About Us

Letter from Bob, the President

In 1989 I saw the need for a different kind of driving school, one that allows teens to set their own schedule for attending. This way they can still do their sports, dance and other activities without conflict. Each lesson we offer covers a different subject so it doesn’t matter in what order students take the lessons. Just so they take one of each, they can take up to 6 months to complete 9 lessons and their final test.

Many school districts are cutting their driver ed programs down, or eliminating them altogether, such as Osseo and Maple Grove.

Our behind-the-wheel lessons are comprehensive. We cover turning, lane changing, parking, driving on freeways and the one way streets. All of our instructors are experienced and licensed by the state of Minnesota.

We have also trained adults from literally all over the world. Our client list includes Caterpillar when they hire people from India and China. They call us to evaluate or train them to drive on Minnesota’s roadways.

I also specialize in training elderly drivers who have lost their licenses. Many people don’t realize when older drivers have accidents or even traffic tickets, they are made to retest by the state just to keep their driving privileges. Over the years I’ve helped many of them pass their tests.

We feel our program can accommodate almost any teen or adult and that’s why we’re called … Easy!

Message from an Instructor at Plymouth

People ask me all the time if my job is boring. It’s so different every day. I have different students each day and we vary the lessons every nine days. I try to make students feel comfortable in class, low pressure with lots of give and take. I also initiated drivers ed games so students could have fun while learning. We have drivers ed flashcard and jeopardy games and students can bring snacks.

Teaching kids how to drive is very rewarding because you are teaching them something they want to learn, and it’s something they will be doing probably for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been doing this for 30 years and it doesn’t even feel like a job.

– Linda, Plymouth Instructor