Troy Oster:
I came to Easy Driving School because my friend recommended it.

Kaylee Cole
I came here because it’s in Plymouth and there are morning and night classes.

Martin C.
I enjoy the convenience of food to purchase at Easy Driving School.

Colin Segner
I came here because my older sister went here and it is close to our house.

Jake K.
I love Easy Driving because it’s easy, good hours and isn’t that boring.

I enjoy going to Easy Driving School because it is very convenient. Linda is the best teacher ever and she is da bomb.  The people are so nice and the videos are very entertaining.  I can’t wait to come back and do my driving test.
Shannon Crosby

Georgia J.
I came here because if I wanted to ever get my license I would’ve had to go to one of the drivers-ed places.  But I decided to come to Easy Driving School because I had heard from others that it was great, close to my house and easy to come to.
I like coming here because if you can’t attend one or two classes you can come to a different time to attend that class.

Eva K.
I came to drivers ed at Easy Driving School because it has a flexible schedule.  Some things I like about it are that the last hour is video watching and it helps us to see things instead of just visualizing them.  Also, I like Linda’s teaching style because she’s not too strict, but at the same time, we still learn a lot from her.

Brady M.
Why I come:  so I can get my permit to drive
flexible schedule
close to my house
Linda is funny
What I like:     other people come here
classes are fun
Don’t like:      that it’s 3 hours long

Carly M.
I came to Easy driving school because I like how the classes are flexible.  Like you don’t have to come here every day, it’s basically when you’re free.  I like that we have flexible classes and that we do worksheets but she also draws stuff on the board so it’s easier to understand.

Why I come: flexible schedule and all my other friends loved it here.
What I like:  How laid back it is and the teaching is very easy to understand.
What I dislike;  how long it is.

Martin C.
Why did I choose Easy Driving School instead of one of its competitors?  The schedule is flexible during the summer.