Our School

Easy Driving School has been making driver’s education fun, relaxing and flexible—in a word, easy. Since 1989 we have trained over 15,000 teens and adults from all countries and backgrounds. Recently Easy achieved the highest rate of success in first-time permit testing in Minnesota at 94%, an accomplishment that we attribute to our robust program and carries over to our behind-the-wheel training.

Our school offers:

  • Flexible scheduling
    Each class covers a different subject. They do not need to be taken in any order. Students may work the required classes around other existing activities such as sports, band, theater, dance, clubs, and church.
  • No pre-notification required
    You may come in for a class without notifying the instructor.
  • Safe vehicles
    All our vehicles are late models and equipped with 4-wheel anti-lock brakes with brake assist, traction control, dual air bags, head air bags, dynamic head restraints, and electronic stability control.
  • Comprehensive BTW training
    Our behind-the-wheel training takes students to residential and downtown areas, as well as freeways, with focus on entering/merging/exiting, observation at intersections, safe following distances, and proactive anticipation of dangers.
  • Relaxed learning atmosphere
    Teens typically learn best in an atmosphere of class participation, games, and student-run activities, as opposed to teacher lecturing, and our students have come to expect a fun and more visual class atmosphere with game-show learning activities, AAA-approved instructional films (not the all too common blood-and-guts movies), contests, role-playing, and instructors who relate to teens from all walks of life.


50 hours of practice driving with supervising driver. 15 of the 50 hours must be nighttime driving. This is in effect for anyone taking one or more BTW lessons after 1-1-15. All of the 50 hours must be logged on a “SUPERVISED DRIVING LOG” that can be obtained from the Easy Driving School or downloaded on the state website: mndriveinfo.org.

The log must be turned in at the Driver Exam Station before taking the road test. If the parent completes a 90 minute supplemental parent class (offered by Easy Driving School), the requirement will be reduced to 40 hours, 15 of which are nighttime driving.