We get quite a few questions .. here are some answers to help you out! If you don’t find your answer here please contact us so we can help .. thanks!

What are your hours?

School Year
See our current schedule online.

Summer Classes
See our current schedule online.

How does your start time work during the school days? What if I cannot make it at exactly 3:00 or 3:30?

*This does not currently apply, due to the pandemic and virtual classes.

Can I start when I'm fourteen (14)?
Yes, many do because you can get your permit on your 15th birthday if the 30 hours are completed.
Do I have to pre-register?
No .. you can come to any class 5 minutes early to register and then stay for the in-person class.
Do I have to attend class every day of the week?
No .. you decide when you will be attending. That is why we are “easy” .. you fit our classes around your schedule! Keep in mind you have 6 months to complete the classroom lessons.
Why can I start any day?
Everyone in class will be doing the same lesson, but for some its their first time, others its their 6th etc. Just so you take each lesson, the order doesn’t matter because each lesson is different.
Why can I take the lessons in any order?
Each lesson covers a different subject. So as long as the student takes one of each, the order doesn’t matter.
Can I take 2 classes in one day?
No .. state law says 3 hours a day maximum.
What does 'any class' mean on the schedule?
Students can make up any class they need.
What is the 10th lesson?
The 10th lesson is the final test that prepares you for the permit test. Do I have to schedule it? No .. just come in-person to any scheduled class day after the 9 lessons are done.  You can only take the 10th lesson on Zoom if it is marked a Lesson 10.
Do I have to stay 3 hours for the final test? Even if I finish early?
Yes .. the requirement is 30 hours. And those 3 hours count towards the requirement.
What if I fail the final test?
The final test at our school is much harder than the permit test so you can retake it if you want. We will go over it with students to make sure they understand the material and are ready for the permit test.
What percent do I have to get on the tests?
All tests, final, permit, and road test you are expected to get at least 80%.
Who can be in the car with a student who has a permit/driver's license?
Permit: Another licensed driver 21 or older sitting in the seat next to the permitted driver.
16 years old with first license:  first 6 months only immediate family (parents and siblings) and one non-immediate family passenger.
2nd six months of having a license:  Only 3 non-immediate family passengers besides immediate family members.
Why do I have to pay for Behind the Wheel at the end of class if I'm not going to do it for awhile?
Minnesota law states that you must be financially enrolled in Behind the Wheel (BTW) to get a permit. You are promising to do it. Don’t wait. The program is designed to train you before practicing so you have good habits.
What are the blue cards & white cards?
The blue card is the one you need to get a permit. It says that you have finished the class requirements and are enrolled in Behind the Wheel. The white card says you are done with BTW and enables you to take the driver’s test. If you lose either one, you must call us to arrange a duplicate and a student must accompany to sign it (state law).
What do we do on Behind the Wheel?
The three (3) two-hour lessons consist of the following:
1. Turns, lane changing, parking, observation, stopping, and right of way.
2. Freeways, highway driving, lane use in Osseo on lined and unlined roads.
3. Lane Usage One-Ways; driving on one-way roads, observation, dealing with pedestrians, traffic, and intersections.

Do we get picked up for Behind the Wheel?
Yes, if you live in our area we pick you up at home or at school if you schedule it for after-school time.
How do the Zoom classes work?
Once you sign up you will receive information regarding the Zoom classes.  You will receive invitations to only the classes you still need.  Invitations go out by Sunday night for the following week.  You will also receive a link to download a Driver’s Manual.
Can I take in-person and Zoom classes?
Yes, you are allowed to go between models, or just do whatever works for you.  There is no need to register in advance for a particular in-person class, you can just show up.
Why is Easy Driving School the choice for so many athletes?
We know how busy your schedule is, and our program offers the flexibility you require.
If I get picked up for BTW at Wayzata High School, where should I meet?
All pickups at WHS are at the Commons Door in the front.
What are the dimensions for the Parallel Park, and the 90 Degree Backup?
The Parallel Park is seven feet wide and twenty-five feet long.  The 90 Degree Backup is ten feet wide.